07/17/12 02:30 pm

Matt Lauer Mocks Obama SpokesBeauty

At his inauguration, Barack Obama said candidates with nothing to run on just at...
01/06/11 05:08 pm

Deval Begins His Campaign For President

This is what I imagine being said by the Governor, to his posse, after his reele...
01/20/09 11:36 pm

The Onliest One

Barack headlined a classy inaugural today. 44 ascended, with grace, accepting th...
01/20/09 11:52 am

Banana Republic

Do liberals believe in "Together We Can?" On Tuesday, a coalition of a...
01/18/09 02:59 pm

New Era

The economic meltdown has Americans reacting in exactly the wrong way - crying u...
12/17/08 04:03 pm

Investigation to Nowhere

Who cares about Barack when there's a Blagojevich feeding frenzy in progres...
11/28/08 12:31 pm


Hope and Change.
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