06/04/10 03:28 am

Arizona Dreamin'

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was at the White House Thursday for a meeting with ...
05/26/10 06:59 am

Valium Chief

The President had a nice luncheon meeting with the GOP yesterday. President Bar...
05/22/10 10:16 pm

Baracko Lawless

Is the Obama administration a lawless regime? That certainly seems to be the cas...
05/20/10 06:15 pm

Send Money

Imagine how emotional the Democrats will get over the Arizona immigration law if...
05/16/10 09:45 pm

Getting Maddowed

If ACORN has a division in Alabama, perhaps they can get me registered to vote a...
04/26/10 08:18 pm

Tangled Up in Blue

Barack Obama doesn't want to be a great president.
09/11/09 07:27 pm

Immigration Winds

There are differing viewpoints on who the winner is in the Joe Wilson shout out ...
08/10/09 07:35 am

Racist Nation

Who would have guessed that Canadians are haters? Too many Mexicans, the Canadia...
01/12/09 01:03 pm


A good chunk of the contempt for the presidency of George W. Bush is based on an...
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