07/30/10 04:50 am

Lefty Dopes

What's your beef with rapists... Don't you know they pay taxes?
07/30/10 02:55 am

Nation of Laws

Other than the ridiculous comparisons to the Berlin Wall and Japanese internment...
07/29/10 07:51 am

Against You

Illegal immigrants in Arizona do their best to convince us that they should be d...
07/28/10 02:40 pm

No To Arizona

Bad news for Democrats today, as a judge in the federal court ruled in their fav...
07/18/10 09:18 am

Pink Rage

In about 10 days, the new Arizona immigration law goes into effect. The Evil One...
07/16/10 11:30 am

If I Knew

The more you hear of Janet Napolitano's opinions on illegal immigration and...
07/12/10 03:13 am

Running Wild

Why does the illegal immigration stalemate continue endlessly? Because the gover...
07/11/10 09:49 am

Guy in the House

Agree? Former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo: "I believe this with all...
07/10/10 09:26 am

Pitiful Punditry

Sarah Palin is an exciting celebrity/political figure, and constructive to the G...
07/08/10 11:37 am

Sue Who?

How sleazy are the Democrats in their desire to undermine the rule of law to win...
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