10/27/10 04:53 am

ACORN Chief Explains Immigration Key to Socialist Takeover

The community organizers plan the Socialist takeover of America. Immigration is ...
10/22/10 05:24 am

Tancredo Uses Immigration in Colorado Gov's Race

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is the independent candidate for Governor in Col...
10/22/10 05:14 am

Conservatives Shouldn't Get to Vote, Says the Left

Liberals work hard to get illegal immigrants the right to vote, but they sure do...
10/19/10 02:45 pm

Vitter Immigration Ad - Racist?

Louisiana Senator David Vitter has a wonderful ad attacking his opponent for bei...
10/11/10 09:36 am

Mad As Hell

Stop the Boycott!
09/29/10 02:52 pm

Bring us Together

Bring us together by not dividing us up along lines of ethnicity or race, why do...
09/28/10 05:07 am

Scary Truth

Hearing what Democrats really believe is a revelation. Here, Massachusetts Senat...
09/27/10 09:25 am

Colbert's Shark

Steny Hoyer says that Stephen Colbert's presentation before Congress last w...
09/27/10 06:06 am

Master of Deception

If you want to see a master deceiver in action, there's no where better to ...
09/25/10 05:42 am

Tie Goes

Long before there was Christine O'Donnell, the GOP nominee in Delaware who ...
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