05/02/11 12:10 am

Bloomberg Wants Immigrants to Take Detroit

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg says we need to embrace immigration as the th...
04/06/11 09:07 am

Tom & Todd Interview Cong. Allen West in Washington

At the Hold Their Feet to the Fire in Washington, we had a chance to sit down wi...
04/01/11 04:29 am

Illegal Restaurant Workers Protest Firing Style

Illegal Workers protest in Washington after being fired by restaurant chain.
01/14/11 05:10 am

Latino Thrilled That Arizona Suspect White

The illegal immigration crowd did, ahem, dodge a bullet, because the Arizona sho...
01/09/11 11:16 am

Vitriol: Two to Tango

Here's another lefty pretending they're the victims of heated politics...
12/28/10 09:15 pm

Arizona Legislator Explains 14th Amendment

Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce explains on CNN the constitutional background ...
12/19/10 02:33 pm

Andrea Mitchell - Republicans Dumb on Dream Act

On the Meet the Press round table Sunday morning, Andrea Mitchell and Newark May...
12/13/10 06:35 am

Bloomberg - Attach Green Cards to Their Diplomas

Mayor Bloomberg made some interesting comments about fixing the economy on Meet ...
12/09/10 07:00 am

House Passes Dream Act Knowing Senate Won't

Foreigners are more likely to vote for Democrats than Americans are, so the libe...
11/09/10 09:35 am

Obama Tough on the Border - Not

Is the Obama administration doing a good job on border enforcement in order to c...
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