immigration reform

11/23/11 07:17 am

Newt Wants Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Newt takes an odd gamble in the presidential race, explaining his support for co...
05/11/11 12:08 am

MSNBC Host Asks Tancredo if he Wants President Dead

Martin Bashir wants to know if he thinks President Obama should be assassinated....
05/10/11 07:54 pm

Prez Makes Fun of Idea of a Secure Border

The president, practicing the Democrat hateful brand of politics, mocks Republic...
05/10/11 04:44 pm

Prez Trying to Trick Latino Voters with Texas Speech

The president knows that immigration reform isn't going to pass in the runu...
04/01/11 04:29 am

Illegal Restaurant Workers Protest Firing Style

Illegal Workers protest in Washington after being fired by restaurant chain.
12/18/10 04:25 pm

Mission Accomplished for Hateful Libs

The Dems were not expecting to get the Dream Act passed during this Lame Duck se...
12/17/10 09:53 pm

Dream Act Vote Scheduled For Saturday

Here's a debate on the Dream Act, including Bob Dane from the Federation fo...
09/21/10 09:31 am

Talking Aunt

Aunt Zeituni is talking, creating more bad news for the president, and bad news ...
09/19/10 07:27 am

Killing the Creator

The president rewrote the preamble to the Declaration of Independence the other ...
07/26/10 09:56 am

Oh, Christie!

If you haven't gotten to know the new Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christi...
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