howard dean

08/30/10 09:48 am

Rhetorical Assassination

Like the president, Howard Dean views those who support mainstream American valu...
08/07/10 05:17 am

Who You Gonna Call?

Howard Dean admits that the November elections will be a disaster for his party ...
07/29/10 09:16 pm

Do the Twist

After days of making racism on the right the focus of his coverage of the Shirle...
07/29/10 09:29 am

The Dividers

Does Howard Dean not know what he's talking about, or is he deliberately ly...
07/27/10 04:57 am

Bombs Away

Ed Schultz, another race bomber, does the dirty business of the party of hate wi...
07/25/10 04:09 pm

Howard Spews

Howard Dean was on Fox News Sunday to drop bombs on behalf of the Vast Left Wing...
04/21/10 05:20 pm

Fighting Friends

Is California Congressman Jane Harman a confused Democrat?
12/17/09 03:56 pm

Getting Personal

When the sniping becomes personal, that's when a President knows his star i...
12/16/09 06:17 pm

Barack's Ship

How quickly is Obama destroying his presidency? It's coming apart at a rate...
12/01/09 07:43 pm

The Inconvenient Truth

An unintended consequence of having a radical in the White House is that the pre...
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