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08/24/11 04:55 pm

Marco Rubio Will Be VP

What does the future hold for freshman Florida Senator Marco Rubio? Jim&nbsp...
08/08/11 05:05 am

Dean: Dems Can't Do Entitlements

Howard Dean let a big admission slip in an interview yesterday, suggesting that ...
06/21/11 04:39 am

Howard Dean Does Machine Gun Talking Points

Does Howard Dean feel uncomfortable with all the lies he has to tell?
05/24/11 08:49 am

More Hate Mongering From Democratic Mainstream

Howard Dean, who was head of the Democratic National Committee just a couple of ...
04/04/11 04:23 am

Dean Admits Media Bias, But Says Fox Worst

Howard Dean makes clear what many like to deny - that the major news outlets in ...
03/23/11 09:05 am

Dean of Loyal: Howard Supports Barack

Howard Dean is supporting the president's decision to attack Libya.
02/09/11 04:38 am

Howard Dean: No Roads Without Redistribution

Howard Dean says if you don't want to redistribute wealth, then you don...
01/27/11 05:04 am

Dean Gets Thrills From Obama Attack on Rich

Howard Dean was thrilled with this part of the State of the Union. And if we tru...
01/06/11 02:20 am

Dean Says Tea Party Not Racist

Howard Dean says the real Tea Party crowd is not racist, but is energized by a s...
12/29/10 09:21 am

Howard Dean Makes Argument for Spending Cuts and Taxes

Howard Dean says no tough decisions were made in the lame duck session - it'...
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