howard dean

09/30/12 04:24 pm

Howard Dean: Romney is Jimmy Carter

It doesn't matter how well Mitt Romney does in the debates, thinks Howard D...
07/25/12 04:05 am

Howard Dean: Economy Looks Awesome

Howard Dean is effervescent over the economic recovery.
06/22/12 09:11 pm

Dean: Latino Vote Will Ruin Romney

Howard Dean thinks Mitt sunk his campaign when he said during a primary debate t...
06/19/12 01:29 pm

John Heilemann Embarrasses Howard Dean

Howard Dean guffaws over how stupid Republicans are that they don't know th...
04/06/12 04:21 am

Dean Demonstrates Dems Politics of Divide

What's the Dems formula for beating Mitt? Attack, lie, and corral their fav...
03/15/12 08:56 am

Dean: Record Loss for GOP

Howard Dean predicts that Mitt Romney will win fewer states than did Barry Goldw...
03/03/12 05:10 am

Howard Dean Carries Union Water

Democrats, who are partners with unions in holding education hostage to their ow...
01/26/12 02:09 pm

Scarborough Blasts Howard Dean on Education

I frequently lambaste the Democrats for their partnership with Teachers Unions t...
11/03/11 07:07 am

Stick A Fork In Rick Perry Cuz He’s Done!

Rick Perry's New Hampshire speech.
10/05/11 08:37 am

Howard Dean: Tea Party Not Playing with Full Deck

Howard Dean says that Mitt Romney, should he get the GOP nomination, ma...
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