hope & change

08/15/12 07:26 pm

Davis: Obama Campaigned as Something Better

Former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis - an Obama campaign co-chair in 2008, ...
06/08/12 04:37 am

How's That Hope & Change Treating You

This 'Then & Now' theme - contrasting the president's com...
07/24/11 07:01 pm

Heilemann: Obama Will Replace Hope with Fear

In case there are still any naive folks walking the planet who think they were r...
04/24/11 08:06 pm

Castellanos: Candidate of Hope & Change Now Divisive Populist

How gross is the cheap political gamesmanship that the president has slipped int...
10/26/10 02:27 am

Obama A Tough Love Kinda Guy

The president outlines his plans for ending the divisiveness in Washington. Puni...
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