hope and change

09/03/12 04:49 pm

Obama: Give it to me One More Time

The Obama Show - like watching on Black & White.
02/25/11 05:36 am

Kumbaya Falls Out of Fashion with Left

More Love & Compassion from the party of Hope & Change.
10/29/10 05:43 pm

Europe Wonders Why Obama Agenda About to Get Wacked

Here's some reporting that we're just not getting in the states. From ...
10/27/10 04:41 am

Charlie's New Ad

Charlie Baker's new ad goes right for the economic jugular, slaying the Dev...
10/26/10 05:21 am

Chris Matthews: Wanting Responsible Government Heartless

Two years ago voting for change was a Democratic imperative. Now, voting for cha...
09/03/10 09:32 am

Deval Slipping

A new Rasmussen poll is out today on the Massachusetts Governor's race. Wit...
09/02/10 04:19 pm

Fear of Hope

We have traveled from Hope to Fear in just 18 months.
08/07/10 05:17 am

Who You Gonna Call?

Howard Dean admits that the November elections will be a disaster for his party ...
04/08/10 11:59 am

Protect & Defend

How irrelevant is the Constitution to the socialists? They don't even think...
03/22/10 01:42 pm

The Memo

Al Sharpton, apparently, didn't get the memo... Never mention the S word! S...
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