07/30/12 04:05 pm

Obama: A Different Kind of Campaign

Anyone remember 2008? It was a different time... Do we want to have the same old...
07/14/12 05:54 pm

Obama: Uncomfortable to Watch

An ad challenging the patriotism of Mitt Romney from the guy who built his caree...
12/01/11 04:24 am

Obama: Hope & Change is in Iraq

On the Today Show Wednesday, Matt Lauer asked what the president can say to a st...
11/08/11 02:10 am

Obama: Hope & Change, Again?

To the informed, an Obama ad that celebrates how he's achieved so much chan...
04/04/09 07:11 am

Much Change, Little Hope

With socialists now in charge of the country, change sure is a comin'.
03/13/09 01:32 pm

Running Blind

Running on Hope... ...And a lack of Change.
01/22/09 08:55 pm

A Sober Kennedy

What an idiot. Caroline Kennedy, who stunningly quit her push for Hillary Clint...
01/20/09 11:52 am

Banana Republic

Do liberals believe in "Together We Can?" On Tuesday, a coalition of a...
01/12/09 01:03 pm


A good chunk of the contempt for the presidency of George W. Bush is based on an...
12/29/08 02:03 pm

Like, You Know

Haven't they told her that all she has to say is "Hope and Change?&quo...
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