10/09/12 12:51 pm

Obama's Clooney Addiction

Jimmy Kimmel mocks the president's Hollywood obsession. Obama was in LA wit...
02/29/12 02:08 pm

Best Movie: The Elitist

Playing on the theme of the silent film The Artist, the Mass GOP brings you The ...
09/29/11 04:38 am

Eva Longoria: Barack Obama a Victim

Actress says we haven't had a chance to see what Obama can do because he�...
09/23/10 09:39 pm

Christie Moment

It was a Christie Moment, as the New Jersey governor stepped in to assist Califo...
07/14/10 04:41 pm

I Love Mel

I'm picturing a sitcom... an update of the Bill Cosby Show, maybe, starring...
07/07/10 03:43 am

Lohan Justice

Another of the brats is going to jail. Bawling and broken, Lindsay Lohan learne...
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