Hillary Clinton

03/15/12 04:30 am

Bill Ayers: Revolution Must Happen

Bill Ayers says a revolution is needed to tear power away from the White Suprema...
11/01/11 07:16 am

Rick Perry Finally Gives A Correct Response

09/07/11 08:15 am

The Inconvenient Truth About Rick Perry

This pretty much sums it up.
06/27/11 09:34 am

Dream Act Seduction

Jose Antonio Vargas is a successful young writer who recently wrote a piece in t...
05/03/11 08:24 am

Hillary Clinton Briefing on bin Laden Killing

Hillary talks tough.
04/03/11 04:59 pm

Barack Obama's Special Little Finger

John Heileman, co-author of Game Change, says he's quoting Obama's peo...
01/13/11 04:30 am

Hillary: Feeling Her Pain

Hillary has an exhausting, not so glamorous life. Here she trips and falls while...
11/29/10 07:13 pm

Let's Go Get the Guy

WikiLeaks should be named a terrorist organization say some American pols, and t...
08/02/10 02:55 pm

Ad Right

It looks like Hillary's primary campaign ad attacking Obama was right. No s...
06/18/10 11:14 am

We Will Win

First, President Hillary Clinton announces that the Justice Department will file...
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