health reform

12/19/09 12:54 pm

Ben Folds

Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, has apparently had his abortion concern...
12/17/09 11:39 pm

Bewitched & Bewildered

David Axelrod was humiliated by his liberal friends on MSNBC this morning - so h...
12/16/09 11:39 pm

Kiss Goodbye

Charlie Gibson proves why his retirement is coming much too late in this patheti...
12/09/09 12:34 pm

December 15

From Laura Ingraham's website: It's time we all stop pretending that w...
12/07/09 10:49 pm

Racing Health Care

If Gallup's new bad news trend for Obama continues, then even Health Reform...
11/21/09 08:25 pm

D equals Liberal

It hasn't been hard for the Democrats thusfar in their latest attempt to di...
11/20/09 05:11 pm

Galluping Down

Americans don't agree with President Obama, which is why is popularity has ...
11/17/09 06:12 pm

Birds Fly

Have you seen this video of Bud Adams, owner of the Tennessee Titans, paying tri...
11/11/09 12:05 pm

An Honest Liberal?

Want to hear the truth about the health care reform effort from a liberal?
11/05/09 09:09 am

Spinning Away

Funniest election spin. And from Nancy Pelosi. It must be a bummer to be in a ...
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