health reform

02/24/10 11:52 pm

Hating It

When it comes to the Democrats health care proposals, the American people are fi...
02/22/10 01:59 pm

Guns Blazing

The president has decided that Americans like him best when he's at war, so...
02/22/10 11:49 am

Liberal Self-help

Two Obama Voters on an Escalator!
02/21/10 11:07 pm

Who Needs Enemies

President Obama's friends spent the weekend throwing him under the bus, an ...
02/11/10 08:33 pm

Catastrophic Proposal

Might Judd Gregg provide the bridge to restarting the legislative process on hea...
02/08/10 10:55 am

After Scott

Oh, it's a whole new world - AS - After (the election of) Scott.
01/28/10 08:19 am

State of the Scott

It was a weakened and chastened president who came before the American people la...
01/27/10 11:28 pm

Don't Ask

Does Barack have the credibility to convince America of any of the stuff in his ...
01/26/10 09:18 am

Happy Anniversary

It's already been a week since the Massachusetts victory. Not enough time f...
01/21/10 11:29 pm

The Scott Effect

Scott is changing the political world in unpredictable ways.
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