health reform

12/13/10 03:36 pm

Gibbs Makes Bold Prediction After Losing Health Mandate Decision

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the White House will probably appeal today...
11/25/10 04:47 am

Democrats Hate Children, Have No Compassion

Why do Democrats hate the children? Partisan tensions on Capitol Hill are delay...
11/08/10 04:36 am

Poor Barack - Victimized by the GOP Again!

The president says it's the fault of the GOP that he's paying such a h...
11/04/10 12:23 pm

Obama Tells Radicals Fight Continues

In public, the president is posing as someone who understands that he was rebuke...
11/04/10 02:05 am

Republicans Say They'll Push to Repeal Health Care

Eric Cantor says the GOP will move to repeal health reform asap.
10/12/10 06:46 pm

Con Men

Here's a nice reminder of how the socialists staged a phony civil rights ev...
10/01/10 02:33 am

Flipping Policies

There was a lot of misinformation during the health care debate, much of it comi...
09/17/10 02:24 pm

Unhealthy Spin

Aren't we all just so pleased with ObamaCare?
09/13/10 04:21 am

Panel Gates

Bill Gates explains his support for Death Panels. Please notice the quick mentio...
09/05/10 04:37 pm

Being Blue

Democrats are looking for a new identity in a last scramble to survive this fall...
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