health care

06/21/09 09:54 am

Second Opinion

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that 7% of Americans think that Health...
06/19/09 04:32 pm

Declare the Pennies

Here are some of the new taxes being planned by the socialists in order to pay f...
06/10/09 05:06 am

Do the Nikita!

Obama's goal is clear - convert to socialism as quickly as possible, reperc...
05/29/09 11:48 am

Sky is Grey

Arnold hasn't been the most impressive Governor. But the people have spoken...
04/04/09 09:40 am

Long on Disease

Will the unions, and the failed liberal ideals that spawned them, succeed in doi...
04/04/09 07:11 am

Much Change, Little Hope

With socialists now in charge of the country, change sure is a comin'.
03/17/09 11:35 am

Cap Traitors

The Obama presidency will be crushed by the weight of it's own radical ambi...
03/05/09 05:58 pm

Comprehensive Disaster

The unexplained chant of "Health Care is a Right," is a trick - design...
02/01/09 09:50 am

Turbo Lies

For Geithner, it was a Turbo Tax error.
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