hate speech

12/11/10 03:46 am

Liberal Says Obama Lacked Experience For Presidency!

It wasn't long ago they called this hate speech. Now, liberals are starting...
08/30/10 04:42 am

Hateful InKleinations

Leftist columnist Joe Klein compares Glenn Beck to Japanese internment.
08/06/10 08:56 am

Hate Speech

Could a conservative get away with using language as loaded as Ed Schultz uses h...
08/03/10 05:08 am

Mr. Ed

Is Ed Schultz operating under a threat of cancellation? The level of silly bomba...
04/01/10 11:29 am

Still Spitting

For nearly two weeks now the media has been repeating the myth that Black member...
03/24/10 07:08 am

Fake Hate

Please see the post on Gateway Pundit that shows there was no outrageous protest...
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