hate speech

10/17/11 06:55 pm

Liz Warren Uses Hate Speech

It's not hate speech, technically, because even though it's a demeanin...
09/22/11 01:38 pm

Compassionate Teacher Talks Hate in Texas

A liberal teacher turns to hate speech when he hears an idea on immigration that...
08/31/11 07:31 pm

Allen West May Quit CBC After Hate Tape

With all the hate coming out of the Congressional Black Caucus, Allen West says ...
08/19/11 09:42 am

More Liberal Hate Speech From Garafolo

Jeanine Garafolo practices the sort of racial condenscension that only liberals ...
05/24/11 08:49 am

More Hate Mongering From Democratic Mainstream

Howard Dean, who was head of the Democratic National Committee just a couple of ...
04/19/11 04:34 am

Video Proves Prehistoric Man Voted Democrat

This guy demonstrates beautifully the contribution unions have made to America. ...
02/18/11 03:55 pm

Phony Left Has Forgotten Tucson Already

Some of the loving rhetoric from the AWOL teachers in Wisconsin.
01/19/11 04:40 am

New Discourse Sounds Alot Like the Old Discourse

They say they want a more concilliatory political environment, but liberals just...
12/19/10 11:18 am

Liberals Discuss Michele Bachmann With Sexist Disdain

Chris Matthews guffaws with guests over the irony of Michele Bachmann being name...
12/18/10 04:25 pm

Mission Accomplished for Hateful Libs

The Dems were not expecting to get the Dream Act passed during this Lame Duck se...
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