hate speech

08/30/12 04:17 am

Editor Fired for Usual Liberal Hate Speech

This is odd. A DC bureau chief for Yahoo News has been fired after engaging in s...
04/30/12 06:18 pm

Chris Matthews Calls Obama Osama

Ah, poor Chris. He works so hard to do hate speech night after night, but this o...
04/29/12 07:13 pm

Hilary Rosen Gets Hate Speech Reward

Hilary Rosen is a high paid Democratic consultant who burst into the national co...
04/06/12 04:21 am

Dean Demonstrates Dems Politics of Divide

What's the Dems formula for beating Mitt? Attack, lie, and corral their fav...
03/07/12 04:22 am

Actor Hatefully Accused of Hate Speech

In an interview with Piers Morgan Friday night, actor Kirk Cameron created a bit...
02/29/12 05:07 am

Obama Sucks Up to Labor

The president offers up a rotting load of red meat to his favorite special inter...
02/06/12 02:55 pm

John King's Freudian Hate Speech

Who knew that CNN's John King is a hater?
01/04/12 07:44 pm

Hate Filled White House Cheerleading from Sharpton

More cheap hate speech from the compassionate left - oozing ugliness as they sto...
12/06/11 08:55 am

Chris Christie Says He Faces Prejudice

Chris Christie wonders why bigotry toward fat people isn't as bad as other ...
10/25/11 09:19 am

Lefty Hate Speech of the Day

Disgusting liberals can't stop spewing hate. Here's Bill Press: The Re...
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