harry reid

10/19/11 12:38 pm

Harry Reid: Happy Days Are Here

There is good news, finally, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the econo...
10/05/11 04:00 am

Liz Warren Attacks Obama in Debate

The White House sends Elizabeth Warren to Massachusetts to retake "Ted ...
09/19/11 06:14 pm

Pass it Now? Dems Say No

Telling the truth about the failing Obama presidency is not something Democrats ...
08/01/11 02:16 pm

Comedian: Harry Reid Calls Deal 'Remarkable'

Leaders of both houses are scrambling to get their votes in place on the debt ce...
07/11/11 04:22 am

George Will: It's Can Abuse!

George Will says the Obama crowd has kicked the budget can down the road so many...
05/20/11 06:58 am

Brown Beats Elders Down

03/31/11 11:14 am

Reid Still Trying to Convince Us That He's An Idiot

Question for Harry Reid. If the Tea Party is of so little relevance, why are you...
03/09/11 07:40 pm

Harry Reid Makes Sharron Angle Look Brilliant (Again)

Harry Reid is such a freaking moron its hard to believe. Or, we're morons f...
03/08/11 02:01 am

GOP Happy With Ensign Decision

Nearly two years into his rehab effort, John Ensign has thrown in the towel. The...
12/02/10 09:11 am

Evil Dems Play Politics With Unemployment Benefits

Why did Democrats propose extending unemployment benefits the wrong way - by not...
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