harry reid

10/20/12 04:17 pm

Biden Declares War on Iran

How is that war in Iran treating you? Was Harry Reid raising his hand for Iraq ...
08/06/12 07:04 pm

Charles Says Reid Doing McCarthy

Krauthammer explains why George Will was right when he said that Democrats are e...
08/06/12 05:31 am

Harry Reid: Come Out of That Closet

James Cagney goes after Harry Reid.
08/06/12 05:14 am

George Will: McCarthyism From the Desert

George Will is succinct in his rebuttal to Harry Reid's display of cheap po...
08/05/12 02:37 pm

GOP: Harry Reid a Dirty Liar

The GOP decided to shift the conversation away from Mitt's tax returns and ...
08/02/12 07:29 pm

Harry Reid Channels Joe McCarthy

It used to be that liberals believed themselves to be the good government people...
06/19/12 07:25 pm

Harry Reid: That's a Clown Question, Bro

Harry Reid draws a big laugh when he channels his favorite baseball player in re...
04/26/12 04:57 am

Debbie Squirms Under Pressure From Bret

Bret Baier takes Debbie Wasserman Schultz - head of the Democratic Party - apart...
04/20/12 08:40 am

Harry Reid: Seniors Love Junk Mail

It's easy to think that Harry Reid is a complete, off the wall moron. But h...
12/22/11 07:41 pm

Boehner Caves in Payroll Tax PR Disaster

Republicans in the house caved on Thursday and agreed to the senate bill that wi...
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