02/18/11 04:36 am

Matthews Likes Fat Man Versus Beautiful Obama

Chris Matthews - Crush on President Obama still strong.
02/04/11 09:11 am

Some Journalists Still in Love With Obama

While the media lust for the president has subsided dramatically since Chris Mat...
12/21/10 07:07 am

Cillizza - Making Liberals Angry Makes Obama Look Presidential

Chris Cillizza runs the Washington Post politics website, and on Chris Matthews ...
12/11/10 10:24 pm

Matthews Says Chris Christie Has to Stop Wearing White Shirts

Another thoughtful, compassionate liberal... Chris Matthews says New Jersey Gove...
12/08/10 08:42 pm

What Did Churchill Say???

Chris Matthews is talking with Pat Buchanan (and David Corn) about how dumb Sara...
10/26/10 05:21 am

Chris Matthews: Wanting Responsible Government Heartless

Two years ago voting for change was a Democratic imperative. Now, voting for cha...
09/21/10 02:36 am

Tingle Less

Chris Matthews seems to have had a mental blip - for a moment there, he was actu...
09/16/10 05:07 am

The Fire

Occasionally, Hardball offers up some great political debate. Take last night, f...
09/14/10 02:35 am

Mad Man

More on Newt Gingrich's commentary over the weekend regarding a psychologic...
09/10/10 09:22 am

Hardball Hardheads

Lefties on Hardball question the motives of Pastor Jones in Florida. But his mot...
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