10/16/12 02:07 am

Dick Morris: It Looks Like 2010

Dick Morris says Republicans need to raise their expectations - it just could be...
10/03/12 04:36 am

Tucker & Sean Discuss Obama Race Speech

Sean Hannity breaks down the Obama speech with Tucker Carlson, whose Daily Calle...
08/03/12 05:25 am

Romney Responds to Dirty Dems

Mitt Romney responds to the latest Obama ploy - using Harry Reid as the evil mes...
05/02/12 12:08 pm

Kirsten Powers Attacks Preacher on Hannity

Fox Analyst Kirsten Powers, who's a Democrat, confronts another guest - Rev...
08/01/11 04:20 am

Vitter: Debt Deal Works for Washington Only

The debt deal that leadership reached with the president over the weekend is not...
07/28/11 04:55 am

McCain Explains Tea Party Attack

John McCain attacks the Tea Party on the floor of the senate for being Hobbits w...
07/13/11 04:33 am

Rubio: Everything is Worse Since Obama

Marco Rubio explains why taxes shouldn't be raised as part of the debt nego...
04/24/11 02:29 am

Media Bias: Some Still Deny It

Hannity explores media bias.
03/09/11 04:51 am

Juan Williams: These People are Destroying NPR

Reaction to the "rude, condescending" remarks by the NPR executive in ...
03/01/11 02:08 am

They Can't Believe Juan Talked to Hannity & O'Reilly

Juan Williams explains the contempt that he thinks NPR felt toward Fox News Chan...
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