07/24/12 04:32 am

Bunker: Pass Out Guns

Archie gets it right. Everyone would have to wear their oxygen masks, of course...
04/16/12 06:36 am

Bill Cosby: I Can't Go For That

A painfully inarticulate Bill Cosby has trouble getting a definitive statement o...
09/29/11 04:55 pm

Rick Perry: My Golf is Guns

If Rick Perry gets elected president, it will be fun to see him shooting on Mart...
02/01/11 08:59 am

Coulter: Why Not Require Americans to Buy Bibles & Guns?

What if the feds passed a law requiring all Americans to purchase an Ann Coulter...
05/16/10 04:42 am

Killing Guns, Killing Jobs

Sarah Palin spoke to the NRA on Friday. Former Republican vice presidential cand...
12/09/08 07:59 am

Off Target

What a question! The job application for a position in Obama’s administration ...
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