05/23/12 06:34 am

Rove Ad Hits Obama on Economy

Great ad that goes for the raw nerve of economic stress from Crossroads GPS (a K...
05/16/12 04:24 pm

Karl Rove Super PAC Ad airs in NH

Super PAC ads attacking the president's broken promises are being shown in ...
02/23/11 06:34 am

George Soros Says Fox News Orwellian & Dangerous

George Soros says Fox News engages in Orwellian news-speak that is dangerous. ...
12/05/10 05:58 pm

Fareed Fawns Over Unfunny Maher

Bill Maher is noteworthy for his predictably left leaning opinions and for the l...
07/11/10 07:41 am

Spilling Red

More stimulus or balance the budget - which move is the right one for the U.S.? ...
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