government shutdown

04/08/11 02:16 am

White House Goal: Government Shutdown

Tea Party Senator Mike Lee makes an inappropriate, yet pretty likely, suggestion...
04/06/11 09:45 am

Who's Essential?

04/01/11 08:08 am

Mike Pence Says Shut it Down

Congressman Mike Pence isn't bashful about standing up to Dems in an attemp...
04/01/11 05:26 am

Who's Dumber: Bachmann or Schumer?

The media pretends Michele Bachmann is an idiot because she mistakenly said that...
01/31/11 06:57 pm

Dumb Dems: Schumer Doesn't Know Branches of Govt

No one is talking about a government shutdown this spring - except, of course, t...
01/31/11 02:15 am

Boehner, McConnell Stay Clear of Government Shutdown

John Boehner is questioned about a potential government shut-down around a debt ...
01/06/11 12:49 pm

GOP Should be Prepared to Force Shutdown

Dick Morris tells O'Reilly that congress will repeal ObamaCare this year, b...
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