12/01/10 01:09 pm

Howard Dean Says Presidency May Be Gone for Dems

And Dean tells silly lies about Democrats being more honest than the GOP.
11/12/10 04:54 am

Issa Is a Man Prepared

Darrell Issa has been waiting patiently for the GOP to take control of the house...
11/08/10 04:36 am

Poor Barack - Victimized by the GOP Again!

The president says it's the fault of the GOP that he's paying such a h...
11/05/10 09:24 am

Grayson Says the GOP Has No Idea About Nothin'

Alan Grayson, the just evicted bomb throwing leftist congressman from Florida, e...
10/21/10 11:13 am

Pat Caddell - GOP Blowing It

Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell has a powerful message for the GOP. While you�...
09/26/10 06:04 pm

The C War

Donna Brazille tries to float the old "Civil War in the Republican Party&qu...
09/08/10 04:33 am

Cheap Thrills

Howard Dean describes how the Republican Party has a significant hate wing - wit...
09/07/10 02:39 am

Jeb Talk

Is Jeb Bush best situated to stop Sarah Palin from winning the GOP nomination? I...
08/16/10 06:11 am

Steeley Trouble

Is the party chairman a problem for the GOP? Here is video of Republican Strateg...
07/28/10 12:52 pm

Bad, Bad Patriots!

Democrats are trying to demonize Republicans by linking them to the Tea Party. T...
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