10/28/12 07:06 pm

GOP Fights to Force Libya Coverage

Carly Fiorina throws the issue of trust back in the face of the president over B...
10/18/12 04:09 am

Obama: Excuses

This is a wonderful ad from the GOP on Obama's excuses. I'm not going ...
09/27/12 11:56 am

He Said He Would Change Washington

A great message from the GOP in a new web ad.
09/25/12 06:43 pm

Rove: Ugly Models Make GOP Look Bad

Karl Rove makes the now common Republican argument that polls are showing an Oba...
09/10/12 04:25 am

Spot: Obama Gets Dumped

Breaking up is (not so) hard to do.
09/04/12 02:55 pm

Reelect President OCarter?

Nice merger from the GOP. Carter and Obama, failed presidents.
09/03/12 04:49 pm

Obama: Give it to me One More Time

The Obama Show - like watching on Black & White.
09/01/12 12:24 pm

Dems Shiver Over Hispanic Office Holders

Keeping minorities down is the business of Democrats, so you can't blame th...
08/30/12 04:17 am

Editor Fired for Usual Liberal Hate Speech

This is odd. A DC bureau chief for Yahoo News has been fired after engaging in s...
08/29/12 07:32 am

GOP: Sharing the Love

Mia Love is a small town mayor in Utah and a first generation American of Haitia...
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