09/15/12 01:00 am

Ad: Obama Loves Office, Not Job

Crossroads hits Obama for being poser in chief.
10/04/11 04:51 am

NFL Yanks Hank

Hank Williams Jr shows why he's been named entertainer of the year five tim...
09/29/11 04:55 pm

Rick Perry: My Golf is Guns

If Rick Perry gets elected president, it will be fun to see him shooting on Mart...
06/18/11 07:54 am

Golf Summit: A Day to Live in Infamy

Golfer Tom Lehman says the Obama and Boehner golf outing today could ch...
05/04/11 04:41 am

Osama Home in Seat of Power

Osama lived 40 miles from Pakistani president, near golf courses. BBC News&n...
03/16/11 01:37 am

Trump Melts Down Over Obama's Golf

Trump talks energy - we need nukes, and the Saudi's are salivating over our...
02/08/11 04:19 am

Joan Rivers Blasts Obama Handling of Gulf Oil, Vacations

Joan Rivers says the president is getting poorly advised.
07/05/10 10:56 pm

Fein Job

Ken Feinberg has been given the job of dolling out payments to those impacted by...
06/19/10 11:20 pm

Tony Tony

BP CEO Tony Hayward may want his life back, but the life he's living doesn&...
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