09/06/12 02:33 am

Warning: Liz Warren Mentions God

Liz Warren wanted so badly to appear mainstream and normal that she violated con...
09/05/12 06:42 pm

God's Reluctant Return to Charlotte

The left wing freak show continues in Charlotte. In a rare moment of actual conv...
08/23/12 04:54 am

Fineman: Fear of God

Howard Fineman is horrified over the idea that Paul Ryan might turn to faith bef...
06/28/11 04:36 am

Akin: Contempt for God Drives Liberalism

Congressman Todd Akin is running for U.S. Senate in Missouri, and he's maki...
03/10/11 02:06 am

Newt's Crap Smells Like Horseshit

Newt's pose on three marriages as he's trying to position himself for ...
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