global warming

06/08/10 07:33 am

Eat Meat

The future according to Ted. What a dope.
06/01/10 05:21 pm

The Kiss

It's a tough day for Democrats and their women.
04/27/10 03:14 am


03/31/10 04:25 pm

Mold & Corruption

Good News! The Planet Can't be Saved. The man who achieved global fame for ...
12/21/09 12:24 pm

Climate Compassion

One of the cool things we’ve learned about Democrats in the first year of the ...
12/18/09 08:00 am


President Obama loves Scandinavia. They've done so many nice things for him...
12/10/09 05:46 pm

Taking the Bus

Don't accuse Senator John Kerry of being like those other Climate Change Hy...
11/25/09 05:18 pm

Cost of Dithering

The President is suffering some trouble in the polls after months of considering...
11/03/09 11:10 pm

An Honest Man

It looks to me like Al Gore is an honest man. Why? Well, don't honest men l...
06/26/09 10:34 am

Crap & Trade

The unions are on the wrong side again - worried about their own best interest, ...
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