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01/21/11 02:24 pm

What Does Jesus Really Think?

The Huffington Post is reporting that an ad, placed by, has ...
01/20/11 12:41 pm

Today Show Gets Divisive with Glenn Beck

The Today Show can't help it - they have to push emotional buttons with Gle...
12/21/10 09:24 am

Democrats Just Can't Figure Out Why They're Called Socialists

It's funny how upset the socialists get when you call them socialists. List...
11/27/10 05:09 am

Palin Tongue Slip Feeds Liberal Storyline

When the media has a storyline in its mouth, it doesn't like to let go. Lik...
11/10/10 08:49 am

What's George Soros All About? Here's Beck's Take

Glenn Beck explains George Soros.  
11/01/10 02:57 pm

Tancredo Threatens to Win in Colorado Guv's Race

Are you ready for an election that rocks the country? In Colorado, former Congre...
10/31/10 11:41 am

Stewart's Day of Love and Compassion

Meet the crowd from yesterday's Rally to Restore Hate Sanity. It was a ...
10/04/10 01:43 am

Mil Bank Shot

Here we go again. Dana Milbank says Glenn Beck is dangerous.
09/25/10 05:15 pm

Honest Steve

Glenn Beck defends the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally - and other stuff - wit...
09/20/10 04:49 pm

More Hate

More hate from the anti-hate crowd.
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