10/29/12 08:13 am

Newt Defends Mourdock

This is so easy, and so powerful, I don't understand why more Republicans d...
04/26/12 04:29 am

Newt Gets Out Right

Newt is getting out of the presidential race, and he's talking the way Rick...
03/22/12 07:54 pm

Mitt's Bad Day Sends Etch a Sketch Soaring

The presidential campaign turned into a marketing campaign for Etch a Sketch in ...
03/20/12 06:19 pm

Gingrich: President Should Apologize for DeNiro

On Friday night, Cee Lo Green played "Fuck You" at an Obama fu...
03/01/12 04:56 am

Tuesday: 466 Delegates up for Grabs

Here's how Super Tuesday shapes up.
01/30/12 09:05 am

Is Romney Dishonest, Stupid or Both?

01/22/12 07:41 pm

Newt: Obama Wasn't Organizing Boys Clubs

Newt defends and doubles down on calling the president a Saul Alinsky radical. W...
01/21/12 09:55 pm

Rove: Nothing Shocking About Newt's Win

Karl Rove explains why it's important not to overreact to Newt's 13 po...
01/20/12 05:09 am

Newt Makes Lemonade with ex-Wife's Accusations

At last night's debate in South Carolina, CNN's Jon King opened with a...
01/20/12 05:02 am

Marianne's Three Minutes with ABC News

After all the hoopla, Marianne's two hours of interviews with Brian Ross at...
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