george zimmerman

06/21/12 06:10 pm

Zimmerman Pinned Trayvon After Shooting

George Zimmeran walks through the killing of Trayvon Martin - at the scene - wit...
04/24/12 03:52 pm

Patty Mahany's Emotional Defense of Sanford

Patty Mahany, part of a majority voting 3--2 to reject Sanford Police Chief Bill...
04/20/12 09:33 pm

Zimmerman: Blood on the Head

Blood on the head of George Zimmerman.    
04/12/12 03:48 pm

Trayvon: First Court Session for Zimmerman

George Zimmerman made a brief court appearance today, having a judge assigned fo...
04/12/12 04:56 am

Ford: Zimmerman Conviction Won't Come Easy

Is the burden higher for prosecutors in the Trayvon Martin case because of Flori...
04/09/12 03:35 pm

Panthers Calling for Race War

The New Black Panthers, part of the Peace and Love Coalition.
03/31/12 05:05 pm

Jon Keller: Putting Sharpton on TV is Racist

 A longtime Boston political reporter says putting Al Sharpton on MSNBC...
03/28/12 04:38 pm

Trayvon: Rush Off the Floor

Congressman Bobby Rush - noteworthy for being the only person to have defeated B...
03/26/12 04:20 am

Rush to Judgement: Can a White Hispanic Tell the Truth?

Using some sort of victimhood ladder, everyone is operating under the assumption...
03/25/12 07:35 pm

Rush to Judgement: Head of NAACP Says Arrest Zimmerman

George Zimmerman's story may be true, and may be supported by witnesses. So...
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