George Will

01/23/12 09:15 am

Obama Reelect Needs Low Gas Prices

Despite all the fighting over the GOP nomination, Republican consultant Matt Dow...
11/21/11 05:24 am

Can Ron Paul Win Iowa?

Will Ron Paul run as a third party candidate? George Will thinks it's a goo...
10/25/11 07:23 am

George Will Gets Mean

George Will says Mitt's problem is he's too reminiscent of Mike Dukaki...
10/03/11 07:18 am

White House Kidnaps Warren Buffett

On Friday, Warren Buffett clarified that his statements about tax rates were onl...
09/19/11 04:25 am

George Will: Tea Party is the GOP Establishment

There is no Republican Establishment says George Will. But if there is one, it&#...
09/18/11 08:37 pm

Obama Speaks, Loses

George Will refutes the notion that Obama is in possession of wonderful powers o...
08/29/11 09:04 am

Will Calls Obama Alibi Ike

George Will says Obama's addiction to excuses shows a lack of leadership.
08/22/11 09:30 am

Snail Darter Shuts Down Dream

George Will puts to rest any leftist fantasies of a Hoover Dam Moment. The snai...
08/07/11 11:01 am

George Will: Not Very, Not Much

George Will says we've learned nothing from the Standard & Poor...
07/18/11 05:28 am

George Will: Fundamental Paradox of Tea Party

It's not so profound, what George Will has to say about the Tea Party. Whic...
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