George Will

10/30/12 02:21 pm

George Will: Racism Not Influencing Election

George Will, in response to a question from host George Stephanopoulos, explains...
10/29/12 11:36 am

George Will: Women Recoiling From Prez

George Will says the reason the presidential race has been drifting in Mitt Romn...
10/17/12 06:09 am

George Will: Best Debate Ever

George Will says this was the best debate ever!
10/16/12 06:58 pm

Will: Is Mitt's Lead Evanescent?

George Will wonders whether the Romney lead will be evanescent. Which depends on...
09/10/12 01:39 am

George Will: The Obama Depression

George Will says we're in a depression. If the Republican Party cannot win ...
09/02/12 08:10 pm

George Will Mocks Obama Convention Arguments

George Will mocks President Obama by running through a sarcastic list of what hi...
08/27/12 04:46 am

George Will: Mitt Can't Feel Your Pain

George Will says that Mitt Romney can't feel your pain, but he thinks that ...
07/30/12 09:01 am

George Will: Shrinkage Getting Bigger

Can there really be a growth recession? George Will says that's our situati...
07/01/12 08:43 pm

George Will: No Fear of Taxes

Former Congressman Artur Davis says conservatives shouldn't be so excited a...
06/25/12 04:36 am

Dems: Fast & Furious Investigation Racist

Evidence that the Obama administration really has something to fear in a Fast &a...
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