george W. Bush

11/11/11 12:09 pm

Scarborough: Bush is a Bright Guy

Joe Scarborough objects to the suggestion that Rick Perry is too dumb to be pres...
09/21/11 08:05 am

GOP Dimwittedness On Display In Bulb Controversy

06/01/11 06:47 am

Weekly Whacky News Wrap-Up 5/24 - 6/1/11

05/03/11 11:31 am

Obama Keeps Promise To Locate And Eradicate bin Laden. Bush, Not So Much

  President Barack Obama kept his promise to the American people that ...
03/29/11 09:26 am

The Obama Doctrine: You Put Your Backside In

I'm confused by your confusion. The Obama Doctrine is very simple. You put ...
01/01/11 09:03 am

Left Expresses Anger Over Bush Best-Seller

Some speculation from the left as to why George W. Bush's book is selling s...
01/11/10 06:30 pm

Foxy Lady

She's light skinned, and she can speak in an Alaska dialect at will! Sarah ...
12/04/08 06:39 pm

W. Does Dallas

The Bushes are preparing for a return to Texas. The White House confirmed Thur...
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