george Bush

05/30/12 10:42 am

Mitt(wit) Romney Has A New Scandal

04/10/12 04:12 pm

Bush: I Won't Undermine the President

George W. Bush spoke at a seminar in New York, and he sounds remarkably appealin...
10/20/11 08:52 am

Sarah Palin Memorial Month Continues...

08/24/11 09:00 am

Message To Rick Perry: “Read My Lips. NO NEW TEXANS” !!!

The next time some crazy Tea Party memberr tries to convince you that Bible-th...
05/03/11 11:31 am

Obama Keeps Promise To Locate And Eradicate bin Laden. Bush, Not So Much

  President Barack Obama kept his promise to the American people that ...
03/28/11 02:02 am

Ferguson: Neo Cons Big Winners in Arab Spring

Always fascinating is Harvard historian/economic commentator Niall Ferguson - he...
06/21/10 05:35 pm

Bork Her Back

Elena Kagan thought the divisive supreme court hearings on the nomination of Jud...
05/13/10 03:47 pm

Hear Here

What does President Obama think should happen with supreme court nominees who do...
05/13/10 06:32 am

Plame Game

A substantial clip from the new film on the Valerie Plame affair... with, who el...
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