04/26/10 11:03 am

No Kidding

Tim Geithner admits that he's never worked a day in his life. Big surprise...
03/30/10 09:49 pm

Re Formed

Is the Obama financial reform bill out of control? Dick Morris says it gives pow...
08/02/09 04:19 pm

Promises, promises

Big new taxes from the federal government are coming - the only way to close the...
03/31/09 10:44 pm


It makes sense that Democrats like high taxes. They assume that no one pays thei...
03/30/09 03:12 am

Friendly Fire

Newsweek went with a cover story this week about President Obama being attacked ...
03/22/09 09:35 pm

On Day One

There are two Barack Obamas. The first is the Rock Star Obama - the right plac...
03/16/09 06:00 pm

Summers Day

Yesterday, they were victims again, and there was nothing much the Obama adminis...
03/14/09 08:51 am

Hardly Working

Super-liberal economist and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich fantasizes about...
03/11/09 09:27 pm

Rolling Heads

You would think that her support of fetishism, pornography, prostitution and hom...
02/01/09 09:50 am

Turbo Lies

For Geithner, it was a Turbo Tax error.
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