gay marriage

04/12/10 09:41 pm

Sad Gay West

Hhhhmmmm. Will this be good for the GOP in November because the leftists won...
11/04/09 08:00 am


Am I getting ahead of myself? Oh, the joys of inexperience. The Obama presidency...
11/04/09 05:38 am

Chin Shot

The President and his party took it on the chin last night, losing the Governor&...
05/15/09 05:47 pm

Not Married to Dems

How will the GOP survive with so many Americans preferring... ah...
05/15/09 03:51 am

Lying Ayes

Why does Carrie Prejean strike liberals as some sort of demon for her views on g...
12/22/08 09:43 am

The Snake

Barney doesn't like it. The first openly gay member of Congress said yester...
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