gas prices

04/23/12 02:00 am

Olbermann: Gas Price Conspiracy

Are gas prices being manipulated to target President Obama? Keith Olbermann thin...
03/30/12 01:57 am

Prez: Fix Gas Prices by Raising Taxes

Ed Henry wonders why the president is pushing for higher gas prices by raising t...
03/15/12 01:35 pm

Obama Covers Up on Gas Prices

Just because his energy secretary has spoken fondly of the benefits of $8 a gall...
03/14/12 01:39 am

Chu Changes Course on Higher Gas Prices

Energy Secretary Steven Chu has changed his mind and says he doesn't want h...
02/29/12 07:23 pm

Barney's Dumb Statement on Strategic Oil Reserves

Everyone knows Barney Frank is a really smart guy - so smart that he feels justi...
02/27/12 04:25 am

Newt: There is a Silver Bullet

Business is slow for Newt Gingrich right now, who eagerly awaits March and some ...
02/25/12 09:44 pm

Gas Prices Drive Democratic Flips

There's nothing the president can do about high gas prices - we'll all...
02/24/12 01:13 pm

McCain 2008: Obama Means Higher Gas Prices

Four years ago, running against Barack Obama, John McCain predicted that if Bara...
02/23/12 06:46 pm

Obama Has Nation Singing Blues

Here's a new GOP attack on Obama.  
02/22/12 05:02 am

Obama: Fighter for Rising Energy Costs

Do you think the president is fighting to keep energy prices low? Obama pushed a...
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