Fox News

04/26/11 04:18 pm

Fox News Confirms Obama's Birth

While Shep Smith is impatient with the Trump pushed birth certificate matter, a ...
04/24/11 02:29 am

Media Bias: Some Still Deny It

Hannity explores media bias.
04/22/11 03:40 am

Krauthammer, After Chat, Says Trump is Serious

Charles Krauthammer has been very critical of Donald Trump. Today, he described ...
04/11/11 07:14 am

Weekly Wacky News Wrap-Up 4/5 - 4/11/11

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been ...
04/07/11 12:15 pm

Fox News Better Off Without Beck

George Will explains why he thinks it's good for the Fox brand that one of ...
04/04/11 07:40 am

Weekly Wacky News Wrap-Up

Each Monday I will attempt to post a review of some noteworthy news stories fro...
04/04/11 04:23 am

Dean Admits Media Bias, But Says Fox Worst

Howard Dean makes clear what many like to deny - that the major news outlets in ...
03/26/11 04:46 pm

Baier's No Dummy

Brett Baier handles Jon Stewart's attacks on Fox.
03/17/11 06:14 pm

Jim McGovern Attacks Fox to Defend NPR

Ending the funding for public broadcasting is one of thousands of little budget ...
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