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01/03/11 04:36 am

Bill Kristol: Government Health Care Means Rationing

Chris Wallace defends ObamaCare by pointing out that rationing is already going ...
01/02/11 02:53 pm

Issa: Holder Making Us a Laughing Stock

Darrell Issa says Attorney General Eric Holder has to stop hurting the Obama Adm...
12/20/10 04:45 am

Bill Kristol Slaps Down Juan Williams on Dream Act

Who played politics with the lives of children on the Dream Act? Juan Williams s...
11/14/10 06:27 pm

Earmarks Marked For Destruction

The power of a cute response can't be underestimated for a politician looki...
11/04/10 12:37 pm

John Stewart: Media Bias Only Found at Fox News

John Stewart pursues Chris Wallace on the nature of Fox News.
11/01/10 02:10 am

Palin Calls Media Corrupt Bastards on Fox News Sunday

Palin vents on the liberal media in Alaska, calling them "corrupt bastards,...
08/09/10 06:41 am

Old & White

Granted, he works at NPR. But as leftists go, Juan Williams generally shows hims...
08/02/10 05:12 am


Bill Kristol went into a rant yesterday on Fox News Sunday over those who are re...
08/02/10 04:50 am

Best & Worst

Sarah Palin's appearance on Fox News Sunday is remarkable for the range it ...
08/01/10 11:31 am

Jan's Big Ones

Watch out when Sarah Palin coins a phrase. Her timing, and political impact, are...
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