fox news poll

07/19/12 05:04 am

NYT: Poll Shows Economy Hurting Prez

Pat Buchanan, reacting to a new Fox News Poll, says there's not a great dea...
06/28/12 04:52 am

Polls: Romney Fading in Swing States

New poll numbers show the Obama campaign ads attacking Mitt Romney's Bain C...
09/30/11 04:16 am

Krauthammer: Obama Looking at Landslide

Showing just 31% approval among independents in the new Fox News poll, the presi...
09/30/11 02:34 am

First Place Bad News for Mitt

How can it be bad news for Mitt Romney that the new Fox News poll shows him lead...
09/02/11 01:01 pm

Jobs: 42% Say Obama Has No Clue

Karl Rove breaks down the numbers on the new Fox News Poll, including an approva...
11/19/09 11:28 pm

Photo-Op Bama

It's tough for the president to succeed while trying to be cute.
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