food stamps

09/18/12 08:21 am

Promoting Food Stamps in Spanish

Here's one of the government ads promoting food stamps - a campaign that do...
08/28/12 04:26 am

USA.GOV: It's For the People

Get with the program at - it's for the people! Get help with your j...
06/26/12 04:43 am

Sicko: USDA Promotes Food Stamps

It's hard to believe this is real. Is it real? A USDA ad for foodstamps mak...
03/20/12 04:26 am

Obama Bucks: What Liberals Fight to Protect

Interviews with people lined up in front of the Welfare office reveal why fundin...
03/08/12 04:41 am

Food Stamps for the 1 Percent

The outrage isn't that lottery winners in Michigan are collecting food stam...
01/17/12 09:11 am

Debate: Better Urban Policies Called Racist

Juan Williams throws a nice soft pitch up the middle for Newt Gingrich by sugges...
09/20/11 04:58 am

I Love My EBT

What the Democrats are fighting to protect.
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