02/07/12 02:08 am

Turnout Down in Key States

Are Republican voters turning out in smaller numbers this year compared to four ...
02/04/12 06:38 am

Krauthammer: Newt 'Charmingly Delusional'

Charles thought Newt was bizarre in his speech following the Florida vote. Here&...
02/03/12 09:42 am

Voter Fraud Never Happens

Those who are offended by the suggestion that requiring ID's before allowin...
01/31/12 08:43 pm

Mitt Mocks Obama in Victory Speech

A confident, and presidential, Mitt Romney gave his Florida victory speech at ab...
01/31/12 08:22 pm

Mitt Wins Florida on Electability

How did Mitt win in Florida? Of those who cared about beating Barack Obama, 58% ...
01/30/12 09:05 am

Is Romney Dishonest, Stupid or Both?

01/30/12 01:52 am

Carpet Bombing: Mitt Takes Dominant Florida Lead

Why has Mitt surged to a 15 point lead in Florida? By spending lots of money - 5...
01/29/12 06:09 pm

Fred Thompson Mocks Newt Money Questions

Should John McCain, repreesnting Mitt, attack Gingrich for having raised money f...
01/25/12 03:47 pm

Florida Tightens, Newt Raising Money

So, you must be wondering if Newt is surging in Florida like he surged in South ...
01/24/12 09:01 am

Mitt's Debate Coach Getting Results

It seems that Mitt's new debate coach is making some progress. Watch Mitt i...
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