10/24/12 07:28 pm

Romney: Getting to 270

The paths to victory for both campaigns are laid out as CNN updates its electora...
10/16/12 02:07 am

Dick Morris: It Looks Like 2010

Dick Morris says Republicans need to raise their expectations - it just could be...
10/10/12 04:17 am

Absent Voters Lean Right

A look at absentee ballots shows more Republican activity than Democratic. Mitt ...
10/09/12 04:54 am

Karl Rove: Swing States Swinging Romney

Karl Rove takes a look at the numbers and says that Republican energy was growin...
08/08/12 01:37 am

A Guy That Does

Imagine Marco Rubio as VP. This is not a choice between two bad people, this is ...
05/14/12 05:01 am

Florida Investigating Thousands of Illegal Voters

The state of Florida is investigating as many as 180,000 registered voters who a...
04/28/12 06:44 pm

Krauthammer's New Name For Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush should change his name says Charles Krauthammer, since it's the la...
04/28/12 06:34 pm

Mark Shields - Bush is the Answer

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields reminds the influence the Bush family has had ...
04/04/12 04:31 pm

Strategist: Huckabee Should be Mitt's VP

Why is Paul Ryan a lousy idea for Mitt's running mate? Democrat strategist ...
03/06/12 02:06 am

Arrests as Occupiers Removed in Florida

Florida Occupiers, attached with PVC and duck tape, removed in West Palm Beach.
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