08/21/11 06:27 am

Uncle Jerry: Liberalism Only Fails Because We Don't do it Enough

My longtime liberal activist uncle is a remarkable man - well into his nineties,...
08/18/10 12:12 pm

Remember President Harding

****COOKSEY FILLS IN FOR TODD************** There is a lot of talk these days ab...
03/24/10 04:02 pm

The Dingell Knows

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of liberals? Only the Dingell Knows. Co...
03/21/10 08:11 am

Disney Care

Why are all the liberals in congress voting yes on Castro Care today, even thoug...
01/15/10 05:55 am

Killer Ted

Dems are still in denial - they continue to think that Ted Kennedy's legacy...
12/16/09 11:39 pm

Kiss Goodbye

Charlie Gibson proves why his retirement is coming much too late in this patheti...
07/14/09 07:36 pm

The Empathy Hearings

Why has the gun crowd been so quiet about Judge Sotomayor? When slavery ended in...
03/06/09 11:51 am

The Honeymoon Door

The Obama template. The financial crisis offers a new chance to rebuild economie...
02/21/09 10:10 am

The Necessity Train

In light of the disaster that has already been heaped upon the country in the fi...
02/20/09 05:05 pm

From Want

A template for Obama.
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